Life Insurance

Often overlooked, life insurance can be used in innovative ways to help you build and preserve your wealth.

Whether your goal is to protect your family, or to transition your wealth to the next generation, we will work with you to develop a plan that will enhance your overall wealth strategy.  Get coverage for as little as $20 dollars a month.

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We have access to virtually every life and health insurance company in Canada.  This allows us to offer you the best products at competitive prices.  Our insurance solutions focus on:

Managing Risk

Some of the roles of insurance include managing risk, helping to protect you and your family against financial loss resulting from a disability, critical illness or death, and providing a certain relief at a time you need it the most.

Minimizing Taxes

We have a wide range of insurance solutions designed with a view to helping you minimize, defer and, at times, offset taxes payable. From sheltering your assets, to minimizing estate taxes, to creating a tax-preferred income stream, we will discuss with you and your external tax professionals the many possible roles insurance solutions can play in your portfolio.

Enhancing Income

Diversifying your income sources with insurance solutions can help improve your overall financial position from a retirement and estate planning perspective. If you are interested in receiving a guaranteed income steam for life, while still ensuring that your original investment is preserved for the next generation, insurance could be a nice addition to your financial plan.

Caring for Your Health

For a variety of reasons, people are living longer today than ever before. Unfortunately, this means that for many people, health issues could have a greater impact on wealth and savings than things like stock market performance. Issues like a critical illness, disability, or the need for long-term care can all be taken into account with insurance planning.

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